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October Bulletin Now Available Here


.30-06 Axis Rifle w/scope


$300 cash

$10.00 per ticket

Drawing on Thursday, October 18th

Only 300 Tickets Available

Tickets sold at the bar

Winner Subject to NICS Background Check


Scholarship Applications

There are 3 scholarships available through the Elks.

  1. Emergency Educational Grant - Deadline is October 31, 2018
  2. Elks National Foundation Legacy Award This is open to all seniors who are children and grandchildren of an Elk member in any lodge - Deadline Feb. 1, 2019. Applications are at
  3. Most Valuable Student Award - Deadline is Nov. 15, 2018

This is open to ALL seniors even if no affiliation to an Elk member. Deadline is November 15, 2018. Applications and info. can be found at For more information contact Joan Carlo at 315-777-0669 or

Social News

Birthdays For The Next Week October 7 to October 14 <name, day> Happy Birthday! Visit Your Lodge And Have A Drink On Us.

Laura Craig 14, Darrell W. Main 14, Arthur N. Mahon 15, Russell J. Marceau 15, Tara Strader 15, Bethany Todd 15, Sandra M. Belden 16, Robert L. Champion 16, Richard B. Corbett 16, Robert H. Harter 16, William Rogers 16, Kelli M. Bell 17, Richard C. Dorr 17, Wayne Eamer 17, Nelson F. Eddy 17, Theodore E. Leeson 17, Linda Mulligan 17, Wayne E. Truesdell 17, Dan Campbell 18, Robert Davis 18, Victor A. James 18, Robert A LaForty 18, Beth A. Bennett 19, Stephanie A. Davis 19, Kevin J. Eassa 19, John P. Fay 19, Linda Ann Lepper 19, Gary A. Loomis 19, Andy Markanich 19, Randy S. Pound 19, Richard Fiaschetti 20, Keith L. Anderson 21, Shane Leween 21, David Reape 21

We encourage our members to send in stories and photos of what is going on in your life. Send in photos of recent babies born in your family, graduations, vacations, marriages, celebrating milestones, etc. Send us anything that your fellow brothers and sisters here at the Watertown Elk Lodge may find interesting.

Additional Social News

Stella Navarra, widow of Dominick Navarra #4518, will be turning 100 years old. Their daughter, Fran Tenney, is having a celebration for her on Sunday, October 21st, at Sboro's, Coffeen Street, from 2:00 to 5:00. Stella and Dominick regularly attended many events at the Lodge over his 38-year membership. If any members who know Stella would like to drop by to wish her well Fran has graciously invited you to do so. Happy Birthday Stella!

October Charity of the Month

Food Bank

This month's charity is the local food bank. Please leave non-perishable food items at the Lodge. Thank you for your generosity.

Mortgage Burning Ritual

Watertown Elks Lodge Makes a Special Announcement!!

Read the Press Release From the Waterown Elks Lodge.

Local News Coverage:


Watertown Daily Times

Monthly Drawing

The Lodge recently started a monthly drawing for $500. The donation is $10. ONLY 100 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD EACH MONTH. Tickets are sold at the bar. The drawing will be held at the last day of the month. Proceeds will benefit Lodge improvements.

Congratulations Watertown Elks Lodge #496!

5 Star Winner

It is being reported by the New York Elks Association e-Zine that the Watertown Elks #496 Website has been awarded the National 5 Star Award which is the highest award possible from the Grand Lodge. Congratulations to all those who helped make this possible!

Welcome Back Happy Hour - Monday Through Friday, 4pm to 6pm

50 cents off all drink prices

Mondays - Pizza 'n' Wings 'n' Apps - 5pm to 7:30pm

Tuesdays - Steak At the Bar - 5pm to 7:30pm

Wednesdays - Burger, Basket, and Beer - 4pm to 7pm

Fridays - Friday Night Dinner - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

To see the complete menu for each event, click on the "All Food Menus" link in the left panel.

Happy Hour Prices on Sundays. Enjoy the Nascar and Baseball seasons with your fellow Elk members at the Lodge!. Light snacks also will be served.

Interested In Booking Our Dining Room?

To book our dining room area, contact our Event Planner, by phone at: (315)816-8010. For frequently asked questions, click on the Facilities Link on the left.

Membership Has Privileges

Have you paid your dues yet? Click on the link below and re-discover that membership in the Elks Lodge has special privileges that are not available to the general public. Click here: Membership Has Privileges!

Did you know you can now propose a new member by e-mail. Check out the link below. Note: You will need to have an account with the Grand Lodge website.

Send An Invitation For Membership

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By the way, the spelling error in the headline was intentional.Smile Face

What's Up For October 2018

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