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Memorial Day Ceremony, Sunday, May 24th

Watertown Elks Lodge #496 held its annual Memorial Day Ceremony on Sunday, May 24th. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the number of participants was limited and the public was unable to attend.

Left to right: Exalted Ruler Dennis J. Brady, Trustee John Navarra, Trustee Tony Verne, Trustee Cheryl Clark, Esteemed Leading Knight Ed Massa, Veterans Chairman Stan Zaremba, Esteemed Lecturing Knight Anne Cavanaugh and Lodge Secretary Melissa VanBrocklin.


Special Recognition

Exalted Ruler Dennis Brady (left) presented a plaque to Veterans Chairman Stan Zaremba thanking him for his many years of volunteer service to our Lodge and to the Veterans’ organizations within our community.

legacy scholarships


Scholarship applications are available for children, grandchildren and step grandchildren of a Watertown Elks Lodge #496 member in good standing. Scholarships are open to high school seniors as well as students already attending college. Applicants will need to submit an official transcript from their high school or college with their application. The items reviewed for this award are academic achievement, financial need and the applicant’s essay. Completed applications are due no later than Tuesday, June 30, 2020. A total of two scholarships will be awarded with a value of $500 each. The recipients will be announced in July 2020. Applications are available on the Lodge website, by email and by regular mail. If you have questions or would like an email application or to receive an application by mail,  please contact Peg Bootie at abigail1893@verizon.net or 315-788-0298.

Legacy Scholarship Application



Elks Lodge #496 Donation

The Watertown Elks #496 presented a check for $2000 to the Community Action Planning Council to support their efforts to provide food through their food pantry. Pictured are: Mary Mathewson, CAPC Family Center Director; Dennis Brady, Watertown Elks Exalted Ruler; Melinda Gault, CAPC Executive Director; and Linda Lepper, Elks Tiler and Grant Coordinator.

Elks Care ~ Elks Share!

deceased members for memorial sunday 2020

Deceased Members 2020 (pdf)



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Pearl harbor memorial raffle

The NYS Elks Association is raising funds to help restore, revitalize and modernize the site. Money raised will be used to replace outdoor exhibits, build digital and interactive displays, modernize with iPads and touchscreens and install new programs and software.

Elks North Central District raffle tickets are available at the Lodge.

$5 each ~ 3 for $10 ~ 8 for $20

1st Prize: $1000

2nd Prize: $300

3rd Prize: $200

4th Prize: $100

Drawing May 16, 2020


volunteer awards

ER Joan Carlo Presented Awards on March 7th

ER Joan Carlo presented awards to the following, L to R:  Cathy Taylor, Employee of the Year; Joe Navarra, Committee Person of the Year (House Committee Chair); Linnie James, Elk of the Year; Karen Reid, who was presented a Posthumous Special Recognition award honoring her late husband, Don Reid, for his years of dedicated service to the Lodge; Melissa VanBrocklin, Officer of the Year and ER Joan Carlo. Missing from the photo are Joan Soderquist, Citizen of the year and Ernie Mustizer, Outstanding Service Award.


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Social News

Birthdays For May 16-31 <name, day> Happy Birthday!

Mark A. Bartlett 16; Cynthia Cronk 16; Raymond F. Diehl 16; William R. Pugliese 16; Richard John Williams 16; Donna M. Dundon 17; Patrick J. Flynn 17; Mary Hughes-Hoistion 17; Marianna Larose 17; Bernard Neal 17; Richard D. Tanner 17; Charles Van Dyke 17; Michael Yonkovig 17; Julie A. Derrigo-Intschert 19; Peter R. LaGrow 19; William K. Gould 20; Barbara Loftus-Lamon 20; Dan Bossuot 20; Eugene G. Mills 21; Kathryn M. O’Brien 21; Robert Peterson 21; Judith A. Spencer 21; Donald M. VanAlstyne 21; Barbara J. Yerdon 21; Peter R. Barnett 22; Kay Clement 22; Brian Croft 22; Howard G. Frederick 22; John C. Cook Sr. 23; Cindy Hoistion 23; Larry W. Knight 23; Paul G. Moran 23; Al Countryman 24; Michael A. Espey 24;  Kristopher Lamoreaux 24; Kristian M. Loftus 24; Bruce Morgia 24; Andrew J. Thomas 24; Peter M. Crabb 25; Ann Gibson 25; J. David Moculski 25; Michael E. Branski 26; Richard J. Irvine 26; Amy L’Huillier 26; Gloria J. Peluso 26; Robert C. Londraville 27; Vicki L. Cote 28; 

Edward Mustizer 28; Philip Waite 28; David L. Kay 29; Thomas J. Lawlee 29; Terrance L. Cavanaugh 30; John C. Cook Jr. 30; James DuPre 30; Michael J. Moran 30; Linda M. Cantwell 31; James S. Powell 31; David W. Quinta 31; David Shaban 31 

We encourage our members to send in stories and photos of what is going on in your life. Send in photos of recent babies born in your family, graduations, vacations, marriages, celebrating milestones, etc. Send us anything that your fellow brothers and sisters here at the Watertown Elks Lodge may find interesting.

Watertown Elks Lodge #496 "In the News" October 16, 2019


Vittles For Vets

 Once a month, the Watertown Elks lodge has a luncheon for veterans. The program, called Vittles for Vets, started in May 2019

Any veteran from anywhere can come to the lodge to get together, eat lunch and share stories.

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New Message From ER Dennis Brady

April 1, 2020 - New Message From ER Dennis Brady! Click below.

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