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Pearl harbor memorial raffle

The NYS Elks Association is raising funds to help restore, revitalize and modernize the site. Money raised will be used to replace outdoor exhibits, build digital and interactive displays, modernize with iPads and touchscreens and install new programs and software.

Elks North Central District raffle tickets are available at the Lodge.

$5 each ~ 3 for $10 ~ 8 for $20

1st Prize: $1000

2nd Prize: $300

3rd Prize: $200

4th Prize: $100

Drawing May 16, 2020


volunteer awards

ER Joan Carlo Presented Awards on March 7th

ER Joan Carlo presented awards to the following, L to R:  Cathy Taylor, Employee of the Year; Joe Navarra, Committee Person of the Year (House Committee Chair); Linnie James, Elk of the Year; Karen Reid, who was presented a Posthumous Special Recognition award honoring her late husband, Don Reid, for his years of dedicated service to the Lodge; Melissa VanBrocklin, Officer of the Year and ER Joan Carlo. Missing from the photo are Joan Soderquist, Citizen of the year and Ernie Mustizer, Outstanding Service Award.


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Social News

Birthdays For March 18 to March 31 <name, day> Happy Birthday!

Robert Burgenstock 18; Anthony F. Cleaver 18; Darwin Danks 18; Jerry Hunneyman 18; Jeffrey St. Croix 18; Joseph R. Baytos Jr. 19; Kathleen Capone 19; Robin A. Partridge 19; Daniel J. Reff 19; Gary Fitzgerald 20; Raymond A. Gullo 20; Kevin L. Saber 20; Gilbert A. Hurlburt 22; Jacob Navarra 22; Dave M. Bonney 23; R. David DeRemer 23 ; Ronald P. LaDuke 23; Matthew J. Strader 23; Elijah Karriem Tezeno 23; John W. Allen 24; Kim Marie Berghorn 24; William J. Coppola 24; Aileen Dawley 24;   Sean Haley 24; Tyler Hayes 24; Robert L. Seeber 24; Michael Sourwine 24; Michael K. Christie 25; Robert N. Hedger 25; Donald B. Shaw 25; Heather L. Sullivan 25; Carrie Bernhard 26; Ed Davis 26; Robin Harwood 26; Rebecca Mabry 26; Christopher Netto 26; Gary R. Fayette 27; Gary Grill 27; Kimberly Roberts 27; William C. Tinelli 27; Donald L. Calarco 28; Daniel A. Davis 28; Rosemary G. Denesha 28; Mitzi L. Hibbard 28; John O’Donnell 28; Stephan A. Hermann 30; David S. Missert 30; Laurie M. Nohle 30; Lee Rosbrook 30; Bernard Tufo Jr. 30; George A. Grappotte 31; Taylor LaVere 31; Terry A. Thompson 31


We encourage our members to send in stories and photos of what is going on in your life. Send in photos of recent babies born in your family, graduations, vacations, marriages, celebrating milestones, etc. Send us anything that your fellow brothers and sisters here at the Watertown Elks Lodge may find interesting.

Watertown Elks Lodge #496 "In the News" October 16, 2019


Vittles For Vets

 Once a month, the Watertown Elks lodge has a luncheon for veterans. The program, called Vittles for Vets, started in May 2019

Any veteran from anywhere can come to the lodge to get together, eat lunch and share stories.

More News

New Message From ER Joan Carlo

August 1, 2019 - New Message From ER Joan Carlo! Click below.

Welcome Back Happy Hour - Monday Through Friday, 4pm to 6pm

50 cents off all drink prices

Enjoy Our Weekly Specials

Mondays - Pizza 'n' Wings 'n' Apps - 5pm to 7:30pm

Tuesdays - Steak At the Bar - 5pm to 7:30pm

Wednesdays - Burger, Basket, and Beer - 4pm to 7pm

Fridays - Friday Night Dinner - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Interested In Booking Our Dining Room?

 To book our dining room area, contact our Event Planner, by phone at: (315)816-8010. To see our facilities and frequently asks questions, see link below.

Membership Has Privileges

Have you paid your dues yet? Click on the link below and re-discover that membership in the Elks Lodge has special privileges that are not available to the general public. Click here: Membership Has Privileges!

Did you know you can now propose a new member by e-mail. Information is available on the Grand Lodge website..