Exalted Ruler's Message

Welcome To Watertown Lodge #496

Greetings Fellow Elk Members!

With New York State on PAUSE until further notice, our Lodge remains closed. Just because we are closed does not mean we are going to just stand back and not do our part when the community calls upon us. As Elks, it is our duty to remain vigilant and stand ready to aid those in distress. It is also our duty to heed the precautions as set forth by the health mandates. We will need to maintain social distancing, wear facial masks when social distancing is a little difficult, wear masks when going to get groceries or stuff needed for your home, health or to keep you occupied while remaining at home.

Since there are no upcoming events scheduled, we are going to go another month without the monthly bulletin. Rather than having no message from the Exalted Ruler at all, I am placing messages on here. We will keep you posted on any community events our Lodge may participate in, request any volunteers if needed, and make any necessary announcements as they come up. So, check back on here from time to time for any new updates.

I know it is difficult. Many of our members have made the Lodge a part of their “home” but we are all in this together. We are extremely fortunate with the technologies that are made available today compared to what it was like YEARS ago. We can still “see” each other, but by technological means rather than actual physical presence.

Since we are not “open” for business, we are unable to raise funds to maintain operation of our Elks Lodge. The Lodge still has utility, insurance, grounds maintenance, and other bills to pay, so your dues help us get through the tough couple of months or so. If you have not paid your dues yet, please remit when you are able to do so. We value all of you as members of our Lodge and very much want you back as members for years to come.

We will get through this together. Just please stay safe! Keep in touch using the Facebook page AND this website. All of you, as members, make this Lodge a GREAT Lodge! Thank you!

Fraternally yours,

Dennis J. Brady

Exalted Ruler